I am so much more than Royal.
не очень интересно но пусть будет.
(M=Macceus, C=Christus, R=Raffe, A=Angela)

A:You played some own songs already at the gig in the Teerenpelibar in Tampere and last week in Nokia, so...when will your single be released finally? We all are unpatiently waiting for it...

M: Actually after mixing, I think, it will take about two weeks. We've got some songs ready and made the rehearsals...(lots of laughter.....talking finnish together....)

A: Okay, so will it be available in the record-stores or can we just buy it at your gigs? Will it be sold in whole Finland or just around Tampere, maybe?

M: We don't know yet, we have to mix it and then we'll see!

A: You told, you do all stuff together, so are you having equal rights or is one of you guys the boss in the band?

M: Nobody is the boss in the band, we all are equal.....
(Raffe shouts out loud): I'm the boss (laughing)

A: Who of you guys is the constant factor in the band, when it comes to conflicts or fights, is someone of you always calming down the others then?

M: I think, everybody is calming down the others....don't even know about conflicts, we all are friends and working together.

A: Will you continue in english language, cause you want to get well-known in other countries aswell or are you planning to do some songs in finnish?

M: I never sing in finnish, we have the cance to sing in english....(then follows an unintelligible murmuring ;))

R: (shouting) I shut up my opening lines...

A: Do you like Popeda, by the way? Pate Mustajärvi is such a funny guy!

M: Of course I like Popeda....(then starts to sing: "You need help..." and something, what I didn't understand again *laugh*)

A: Are you planning to go on tour in other countries this year or for this time being only in Finland?

M: We start touring in Finland, of course it would be nice, to come to Europe one day!

A: All the German fans are waiting for you!

M: *Smiling and laughing in a very cute way*

A: Well, at the Nokia-Gig there was a ticket-sale for the very first time, so they didn't pay you with free-drinks, I guess. So we hope, in the nearest future you will earn a little more money for your living!

M: Yeah.... we had a ticket...hmm..kind of deal. It was not so far away from Tampere.....*starts singing again something in finnish*

A: Here in Finland the tickets are so cheap, and we want to pay for your gigs, so that you all can survive ;) In Germany the tickets for concerts are a lot more expensive...

M: I don't know about that, I've never been there....

A: Do you spend much free-time together besides your band, except of hanging around in bars...do you like going swimming or playing soccer, by example?

M: All sports should be criminal, I like swimming and walking! *laughs out loud*

A: And checking out the birds :)

M: Oh yeah!

A: Macceus, you told us, you can cook almost anything, so do you often invite your friends for dinner? It's a very nice image, you are standing in the kitchen in front of the cooking stove!

M: Yeaaah...that's right....Sir Christ and the roadie he came in my place lately and another roadie coming from Raffes place *laughing again*

A: By the way...do you like Musta Makkara...I guess, all guys in Tampere like Musta Makkara!

M: Yes, that's right...

A: And you eat it with milk and cranberries?

M: Lingonberries....lingonberries....

A: So next time you can taste our German bloody sausage, called "Blutwurst"

*....everybody's laughing....*

A: Oh....Christus is gone...I've got a question for him....

M: He's coming back...

A: Do you think so?

M: Sure....

A: Does anybody of you own weapons or guns?

M: I think, no...as far, as I know....we're cowboys without guns.....*starts singing again a nice song, which I don't know, in a very funny way*

A: Are you just as crazy and funny, when you're totally sober or are you turning a little more serious? By example: I know a guy, who's called Jukka, but I don't mean Christus. He's always such a funny guy, always joking, but when he is sober, he turns into another person, doesn't speak or laugh anymore.

M: I'm never totally sober....and about Christus, he's speaking, when he's sober *laughs*

A: Now I've got a little bit funny question...has anybody of you to wear eye-glasses or contact-lenses because of bad eye-sight? I saw Christus wearing eye-glasses in march, after the gig with Matti, so I was wondering, was it just for fun, cause it was the only time?

M: What????

A: (repeats the question again)

M: I use sunglasses from Christian Timby (I'm not sure, if the surname is written in the right way)
*1) Meanwhile I know it: : Christian Tiimari (thanks Mr. Madbone ;))

A: Okay, but I mean normal glasses for a good eye-sight...

M: I see good....our roadie has got a natural blackeye....*laughs out very loud....we all are laughing*......finnish natural blackeyed!!!! *hahahahaha*
Harry Glitter almost comes over every day *laughing out loud even more*
Nobody uses glasses, I think. As far as I know, I didn't see anyone with glasses.

.....Christus comes back into the room...yelling: "Fuck you everybody!"

A: I have a question to you, Christus...

C:*laughing naughty*: Really....alright....

A: Christus, when did you decide to complete your name with "General"? Was that just something, that came on your mind or have you been thinking before about that?

C: Who is thinking....aaaah...thinking....We created that thing called Warschool. I'm Mr. General Major, he's General....*points to Macceus* You know, this guy is a Madbone!

A: Yes, I know...and who is Warschool?

C: I'm the General...whole company, you know... I'm the law! I decide, what we do!

A: You are the law??? So you mean, you are the boss in the band?

C: Of course!

A: No, Macceus said, nobody is the boss in the band, you all have equal rights!

C: Who said that?

A: Macceus said this!

C: Yeah...okay...(starts talking in finnish with the others)

C: You mean Warschool or Black Jesus?

A: Both!

C: Warschool...yes...it's (some words whispered, so I didn't understand)....Madbone and I....

A: So tell us a little bit more about Warschool!

M: It's the whole rocking thing in our band which I told you. I'm the General Major and someone is the Captain and someone is like kind of fucking Admiral or something...this all is Warschool!

A:Okay, so we know a little bit more....Christus....did you kill the "us" in Christus, cause in the last time I often read your name "Sir General Christ", so what's about the "us", are you Jesus Christ now?

C: Yes, of course....Jesus Christ...

*totally laughter*

M: I made holiday for one week at the country-side, composing new songs.....swimming in the lake....

A: In the Pyhäjärvi or Näsijärvi?

M: I don't know which lake...doesn't matter in which lake to go...

The Roadies Harry Glitter and Tony Mondada are coming in....proudly introduced by Macceus....so I finally took a picture of them----
Macceus starts to sing: "Here's the blackeye.....they call me the Blackeye, the blackeyed roadie...."
We all had tears in the eyes from laughing out loud...everything was so funny!

At last I don't want forget to mention, that the General wasn't speaking that much,
cause his mouth was most of the time full with the sausages, which have been grilled in front of the club!!!

After the interview we talked and made jokes and had beer and EDs....but then suddenly the rigorous owner of the club came and said, we all
had to go, including the band, cause it was closing time....So I failed taking photos after the interview, except those two ones with the roadies and Eero!
But there will be a next time ;)


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по-английски лень читать)))
кстати, может под кат загонишь? а то большое оно....

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I am so much more than Royal.
похуй.....могу загнать.

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Aarne Koskinnen, ну если сделаешь, будет удобнее)))))

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I am so much more than Royal.

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Aarne Koskinnen, маладеццц!!! :gigi:


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